Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Blog

Hello! It's been two years but I'm starting again... a new blog!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Brother Alert!

Paxton is going to be a big brother on May 23rd! Just five days before Austin graduates med school! May/June sure are gonna be a crazy few months but we are really excited for another baby. Right now I'm thirteen weeks along and finally starting to feel like myself. That first trimester was a lot rougher than it was with Paxton. I remember being sick a few times, but this time around I was sick all day, everyday... It was a huge blessing that in October Austin's rotation was the easiest ever. Having him around was a big help with Paxton and keeping me sane. Most days I still have a hard time believing I'm pregnant, so we are really excited to find out in December what we are having. I think it will make things real. As far as guesses, I have absolutely no idea... last time I wanted a girl but in the back of my mind I felt like it was a boy. This time around I have no guesses or feelings. Of course I want a girl next, but Austin is all for another boy so that we don't go broke haha I am so excited for Paxton to have a close sibling and best friend. Let's just hope I am ready because at this stage, Paxton is a handful, but I know he will be a great big brother :)

The End of October

Getting ready for Halloween this year was a lot more fun then last year! Austin had already decided long before the holiday that he wanted Paxton to be a hobo. It turned out to be the perfect costume, cheap, easy and a huge hit! Our first celebration was at the Midwestern Halloween party. We took Paxton around to some of the different offices for candy, and then he loved running around outside with all the other kids. I love how family friendly Midwestern is! All of the parents and students were cracking up at Paxton's costume. Austin said if there had been a best dressed, Paxton would have won haha

Running from room to room for that candy! 
What a poser... hahaha 

A while back I saw that Lion King was coming to Arizona. After getting Austin to go see Wicked with me, the next play he said he would be ok seeing was the Lion King so I took advantage of that offer and bought us tickets! It was a great date night! We both loved the play!

Then to end our October and Halloween festivities we went to our ward's truck-or-treat. Once again Paxton was a hobo and really played up his part, even walking up to a girl in our ward giving her the biggest puppy dog eyes ever and then chewing on his sign haha I swear we don't starve our child!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

To kick off October, we took Paxton to his first pumpkin patch! It may not feel like fall around here, but we will do everything we can to get in the fall mood. It was lots of fun letting him run around, and I think his favorite part was winding in and out of the kids corn maze.

I think he was trying to let dad know this was the one he wanted haha You are strong Pax, but not that strong! 
Following dad though the corn maze.
I got this dad... 
Finally found a pumpkin just his size! 

Texas vs. Europe

At the end of September, Paxton and I made a trip out to Texas. While we got to hang out with Jessica, my parents romped around Europe. We would get pictures like this...
While we did things like this... 
We shopped till Paxton couldn't shop anymore haha 
Ate lots of yummy treats
Bonded with Aunt Jessica!
And just enjoyed hanging out! But in the end Texas is no trip to Europe... 

Monday, September 9, 2013

August From My iPhone

I copied this from a girl I knew in college. Her blog is, I think it is so smart because I take tons of iPhone photos during the month, but never anything that great to post about. So here are a few highlights of our day to day activities :)

1-2. We tried out a new pizza place called Mellow Mushroom. It was crazy busy, but I think Paxton enjoyed the pizza. A boy after his mothers heart :) 3-4. Having a fun Saturday at the mall, playing in the play area. 5. Busting a move in the middle of the store! 6. Austin's dream, having an excuse to go in the Lego store. I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time in there!

7. Paxton is sucking us dry with his milk problems... we don't really know what the issue is, so we tested out lots of different options. Soy, Almond, Lactose free. 8. Never turn your back on a boy with a box of teddy grams. 9. After I took this picture I was cracking up cause he looks like a nudest! haha Elmo love :) 10. We experienced the best Costco sample day ever! Paxton was in heaven. 11-12. Took another trip to the Children's Museum. This time there were no major injuries. After we tried out a pizza place downtown that we had heard was awesome. It's called Cibo's pizza and it was delish! So fresh

13. Teaching Paxton at a young age the importance of housework haha just kidding, his favorite thing is pushing around the swiffer. 14. Austin was cracking Paxton up with his bubble blowing. It was the cutest thing ever! He loves his dad so much. 15. A year later the bug needed a second tow... electrical issues are no fun and very expensive... 16. Building the largest Lego tower yet! And getting knocked over two seconds later. 17-18. Austin caved and bought Paxton this sweet Jeep from Costco. How can you say no to that face!

19. First time bubble bath! Loved it :) 20-21. I redid the guest bathroom from flowers and girly, to more little boyish. 22. Paxton's new favorite thing in the morning, watching Sesame Street. 23. haha I don't know why but this picture cracked me up! 24. Waving bye-bye!

One night for FHE, Austin came up with the idea to set up an obstacle course and play putt-putt with Paxton's toy golf clubs. It was so fun! In the end Paxton thought he was the winner haha

We also got to have a date night this month! Austin has been dying to take me to the gun range. This was only my second time. It took me a couple shots to warm up and not close my eyes when I shot the gun haha but in the end I think I did pretty good! Even hit the kill shot a couple times!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twelve Months

It really is crazy to see the change and growth Paxton has made in twelve months. His little personality shines through more and more each day. From day one he had those big eyes wide open that just wanted to take in the world, and still today he is the same way. Always on the go exploring everything around him! He has become quite the little walker. That is all he wants to do now days is use those legs to walk, and walk. I feel bad at times that our apartment is so small, and because he is always exploring I have to close off some of the rooms which makes the place even smaller. We try to get out at least once a day so that he isn't too bored. He still takes two naps a day so we have a small window of time around lunch to go out and have some fun. He is such a trooper putting up with all my trips to different stores haha He weighs 18lbs10oz and is 30in tall. Still really small for his age, but that is nothing new :) I try not to stress about food and feeding him, but it is hard when I know how small he is. He has defiantly started getting more picky! Some of his favorite foods are cheese, ravioli, oatmeal, pancakes, tomatoes, avocados and bananas. He can say mama, dada and nana but I don't think he has associated them with their meanings yet. Soon enough though because he walks around the house jabbering all day long! People tell us how handsome & cute he is all the time, and that he has the biggest blue eyes and longest eyelashes ever! We are pretty bias and totally agree haha Here are some extra pictures we captured over the past month.

Making a Ravioli mess! 
New big boy carseat! 
Reading a book with dad.. sometimes dad makes us words instead of reading the book like it's written ;)
Happy boy riding Dumbo at the toy store
He learned how to drink for a straw while on vacation is Utah
At his twelve month check up
His top two teeth finally came in and my family kept saying he looks like Spongebob now! He's got quite the gap... good thing for braces! 
Watching cartoons in the morning.. Sesame Street! 
Paxton still loves bath time. We usually have to give him one right after dinner because he is so messy. As soon as he hears the water running, he goes running for the bathroom!